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sorry for being a girl??? 
Tada! I’m the person behind all the cosplays! I’ve never actually posted a real selfie on here so…um yeah I guess it looks like I cosplay Rainbow Dash full time. I just think all colors are beautiful and everyone should just do what they want with their hair!  Ok thanks byeee ;)  


(Contest entry, please read!)


"will you take a selfie with me" are the best words to ever hear at a con

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peoples are so nice!!

i cant believe someone on deviantart insulted my danny phantom cosplay saying it sucks because im not muscular enough.  like yo since when is danny phantom a body builder?!  and then they persisted to call me a superhoe instead of a super hero….like ok yes that is why i am binding my chest and dressing as a fucking dude..because im a hoe.  yes. you got me.  


i want my soft anime body back.  i hate you college.


I really only go to anime club for the cookies doe


ive gotten to the point in my crossplay career where i get mad when people ask me if im gender bending.  LIKE YES THAT IS PRECISELY WHY I AM GOING THROUGH THE PAIN OF BINDING MY CHEST YOU DOLT 

(omg guys a pic that isn’t a selfie, wuuut)
awww danny is so embarrassed 
Photographer: http://videogamestupid.deviantart.com/