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Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash!!  Went to see Rainbow Rocks like this today and it was awessoooomee!!  Anywayyy this is really just a test run for me.  The body paint was kind of a disaster but I got better plans for NYCC!  
Otakon 2014- Rave ponies!! ~My Little Pony- Rainbow Dash and Rarity~ 
Photographer: https://www.facebook.com/m9cosplay
Tbh MLP is the only thing I ever wanna cosplay now. 
The Toooooooooth Fairy!  Yay I finished!  See you all at Otakon!! 


bedhead game so strong you be wakin up lookin like an anime protagonist 

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I really hope I don’t have to go on cosplay hiatus again when I get shipped back up to school :( I’m living with NINE other people this time around.  I’m so messy when it comes to crafting they’re all gonna hate me except the 2 people who actually appreciate my work.  Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about how annoying it is to work on cosplays when you’re in college and  live there?? I’m just gonna bring my sewing machine and hope for the best!  They’re probs all gonna think I’m a fashion design major lolz yes that’s it…. let them think I’m more talented than I actually am 


Being a cosplayer more like
lordofthespookyfruitloops inquires: {Yoooo your Vlad cosplay is like freaking amazing don't let some stupid anon tell you different}


Thank you so much! That means a lot! Just wait till I cosplay him again! It’ll be even better!

After winning Butch Hartman’s cosplay contest I have sooooo much more motivation to get the tooth fairy done!  I got the amazing news yesterday and I’m still just as excited!  Whoever told me about the contest (it was defo someone on here) thank you soo much!!!  


I know I’ve been talking about finding a Sothe for my Tormod cosplay for like 500 years but GUESS WHAT I FOUND ONE.  I finally pressured my friend into it under the condition that I make absolutely everything.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  We’re thinking of doing this for Katsucon, so all you Tormod and Sothe shippers, don’t miss it!! I’m gonna improve my Tormod cosplay since last I wore it too.  Watch out Katsu!! I’m going ALL OUT. 


*tucks my shirt into my pants* shinji cosplay

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Male cosplayers who think they’re better at cosplaying male characters strictly because of their possession of a dick can go stroke their ego somewhere else because I’m tired of this shit.

getting hit on by straight guys while wearing crossplay makes me feel like I’m doing something horribly wrong